Who We Are?

Our MissioN

The Royal Compassion CBO is a Christian children’s charitable community-based organization with a goal to end poverty through compassion. The organization started in 2021 with a clear vision to make a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable children within our community.

The initiative is born from the community’s strong appeal to provide shelter for underprivileged children. By God’s grace, we have successfully secured and accommodated our initial group of 13 boys, aged 3 to 12, offering them a safe and nurturing environment conducive to their growth and well-being.

Our Vision

We aspire to empower children though our projects to become catalysts for Christian positive change within
their families and society thought:-

  • Providing comprehensive education
  • Equipping them with skills to attain financial independence.
  • Aiming for their holistic development and
    the betterment of society.

Main Objectives

  • Provide comprehensive care and support for orphans and vulnerable children, ensuring their
    well-being, education, and empowerment through programs tailored to their needs
  • To establish a Christian Mentorship Program to guide and support children in their spiritual
    growth, personal development, and service to others.
  • To establish and maintain a sustainable Community Feeding Program to address food
    insecurity, nourish vulnerable children, and promote health and well-being within the